Orhan Enes Kuzu



Orhan Enes Kuzu , Composer , Graduated from YTÜ, department of Sound Design and Composing. He also has The Formation of Teachers Master Degree from YTÜ. He has been teaching piano and singing, making music on Theater stage, He has had a Company on providing Mobile Music Content and The Company has had % 90 market share in Provider sector. He has been doing commercial music for 20 years and he has produced hundreds of Jingles in this sector. He worked for German companies in media sector in Germany for one year and also he learned German. He lived in London.  He also compose music for Theaters including Turkish National Theaters , City Theaters and Private Theaters. He has achieved many awards. including Afife Jale Theater Awards as the Best Music composer. He is Married and has one sweet kid named Sonat.