Orhan Enes Kuzu

Martin McDonagh – The Lieutenant of Inishmore – Hear !


This is my first Theater play that i composed in Turkey National Theater. in my opinion , I was lucky because the Director was Murat Karasu who is one of the best theater director in Turkey. He gave me chance and place to go.
The Music has also the best audience award of Turkey. ( XIII Direklerarası Seyirci Ödülleri )
Dear my teacher, Murat Karasu, I thank you again and again.


Note : Turkish name is Inismore’lu Yüzbaşı.


” Padraic     Be picking your nipple, I’m saying!

James Paul McCartney says it should be outright legalised! He says it’s less bad than booze and it cures epileptics!

Padraic     Say goodbye to them both so.

James He has statistics, Padraic!

Padraic approaches him quickly with the razor.

James The right one! The right one!

Padraic takes James’s right tit in his hand so that the nipple points out, and is just about to slice it off . . .

Padraic     Grit your teeth, James. This may hurt.

James (screaming) No . . . ! ”


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